Manual Journal Import can be used for automated uploading and processing of manual journal entries from CSV file.  

It can be started by going to Accounting -> New Operation and selecting Import Manual Journals  

Depending on the selection of the "Approve" checkbox all uploaded journals can be either approved automatically or can be left in the "Waiting for approval" status. 

Required fields (columns):

1) Reference - the unique journal reference that should be identical for all lines of the same journal. This value will be saved in the Document number field of the created journal.
2) AccountCode - journal entry G/L account code 
3) DebitAmount - journal entry debit amount
4) CreditAmount - journal entry credit amount

Both DebitAmount and CreditAmount can not be filled in for the same line. If the DebitAmount exists then the CreditAmount will be ignored.

All other fields (columns) are optional.

The columns order does not matter but the headers are important and should be the same as in the template

JournalDate can be in the one of the following formats: dd/MM/yyyyy, dd.MM.yyyyy, yyyy-MM-dd. (For US and PH based business accounts MM/dd/yyyy will be used instead of dd/MM/yyyyy). If left blank or the column does not exist the current date will be used by default.

JournalType - a name of any available journal types (My Company -> Settings -> Accounting -> Journal Types). If left blank or the column does not exist the default journal type will be selected.

PartnerName - a name of the business partner.

Narration - journal narration

Currency is required only if it differs from the balance currency. In that case DebitBalanceAmount and CreditBalanceAmount can be used to pass the amounts in balance currency but it is not required. If balance amounts are not present they will be recalculated automatically based on the available rate.

TaxKeyName - tax key name (My Company -> Settings -> Accounting -> Tax Keys). If the tax key is provided then the tax line will be generated automatically and it should not be added to the file.

Description - journal entry description