There are two ways how you can import your bank statements into PayTraq

1) Automatically by using bank feeds

In this case all transactions will be imported automatically. You do not need to do anything.

More information about bank feed can be found here.


2) Manually by downloading your statement from the internet bank and then uploading it into the program.

To import your bank statement you can either select Money -> New Operation -> Bank Import or go to Money -> Bank Accounts, select the account and click the "Bank Import" button.

Select the correct file format and upload your file.

You can import a bank statement to the program in such formats as FIDAVISTA, SEPA XML (ISO 20022), OFX, PayTraq CSV, PayPal CSV, TransferWise CSV, Revolut CSV, Payoneer CSV* 

*Import options availability depends on the country of your company profile.

PayTraq CSV format

CSV file have the following order of field separated by commas:

  • Date
  • Bank transaction ID
  • Business partner name
  • Payment details
  • Amount (payment amount, (+) receipts to the account, (-) payments)